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Binjang Community Radio is a community radio station based in Wellington NSW Australia, about 5 hours from Sydney. Broadcasting since 2011 on the FM frequency 91.5hz.


It is overseen by a Management Committee comprised of members active in broadcast operations, whilst day to day running of the station is managed by the Station Manager. The presenters are all volunteers with a broad range of backgrounds, some who are new to radio and some who have prior experience. We boast a wide range of programming and music selection from classic rock to modern day music.


We also offer local businesses the opportunity to support the station using 'Sponsorship'.


Binjang Community Radio was formed at a public meeting sponsored by Wellington Development Incorporated and the Wellington Rotary club in May 2008. That meeting elected a steering committee which ultimately became the Management Committee with the object of raising money, purchasing equipment and starting up a community radio station. As none of that first group of directors had any experience in radio it was a steep learning curve for all. A constitution had to be written and approved, the company had to be registered and insurance arranged. Then there was the process of applying for a licence and all the associated items which needed attention. After that we had to find a studio and a point from which we could transmit our signal. Over a period of 2 1/2 years it slowly came together. August 2010 we were granted a temporary community broadcasting licence with a frequency of 91.5 in the FM band and we became Binjang 91.5...The Voice of Wellington.  The approved callsign is "Binjang91.5"


Wellington Council agreed for us to lease (at peppercorn rental) the former visitors centre in Cameron Park and gave us permission to attach our transmitter antenna to their mast on Mt. Wellesley. Country Energy (now Essential Energy) have provided us with a space at their facility on Mt. Wellesley to mount a weatherproof cabinet for our transmitter and associated equipment. Finally the State Government, through our then local member Russell Turner, provided sufficient grant funding for us to get up and running in December 2011.

In 2015, ACMA, the authority responsible for managing broadcast licencesx, sought submissions from broadcasters in the LAP (Local Area Plan) primarily for proposed changes to allow a community broadcaster to operate a long term (5 year) licence in the Binjang footprint.  In mid 2016 the proposed change was approved and it is expected that ACMA will seek a submission to apply for a long term licence in the near future.

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