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Cathy is one of Binjang’s key announcers and she drives the latest mix of music with a spice of community information informing the community about happenings, events and offerings during the weekend.


David is an experienced presenter formerly entertaining the minions around Coonabarabran on WCR, Warrumbungles Radio with his vast knowledge of contemporary Rock & Roll artists

He is a special needs teacher at Wellington High School and is interested in bringing the power of Rock & Roll into the Central West.  David can be heard on Friday evenings from 5.00pm on his show "The Comfort Zone"



Farren has been a media communicator for more than 37 years. He has covered Olympic Games, World Cups, Melbourne Cups, Formula One and Indy Grand prix’s, Moto Gp’s , international golf, tennis and horse racing and has worked for all of Australia’s 3 leading television networks.

He is the former Managing Editor of the Wellington Times and has broadcasted the breakfast programme from 6.00 to 8.00, Monday to Saturday, breaking news from local to the central west and also looking at national and global issues affecting the community. Upon his recent departure to new business prospects, his legacy is now followed by our new morning presenters.  Farren will be back from time to time assisting the Presenters team. 


Binjang’s format opens up at night to a variety of styles including SUPER ROCK with Chris Lucas if your music style is fast & loud

From 7pm the big names of heavy metal hit the airwaves. He’s Wellington’s resident drummer / bassist in a local band.


Tune in on Tuesday for the best community news, the latest central west news, great music and current affairs with the soothing tones of Helen O’Brien. Helen is a local business woman who is involved in many local projects. She produces the stock report with Jeff and Ross Plasto each week and can be heard frequently anchoring Community Service Announcements


Wes is the pride of Yeoval. You can hear him in the morning on Thursday letting the district know about the news, community information and the pick of the biggest hits from today through to the 60’s. Sometimes he even makes the news. He can be heard during breakfast mid-week and with his popular specialised show "Discography" from midday every Sunday. Wes's  musical interest extends to the entertainment industry as a music DJ  and also likes to offer his services as a caterer.


Thomas Broome takes over the air waves with his mix of music and local information. Tom plays a selection from the Top 20 and the latest stayers, updated every week. He has been successful in obtaining early entry into the Bachelor of Arts, Media course at Macquarie University beginning 2018 and intends to use his Binjang Radio experience as a valuable introduction into the world of the Communications Industry.


Rick Bremner is an active community volunteer involved in Rotary and the Lake Burrendong trust. He anchors Tuesday mornings as 'Radio Rick' delving into the origins and journeys with interesting information about the professional music artists that you hear.


Mumbil resident Dale Elliot broadcasts on Saturday afternoons from 12pm with a mix of your favourite memories with the latest hits. 


Daniel is a mixed bag of creativity. Primarily a film maker and videographer and secondarily a budding guitarist. You can catch his shows from time to time where he will invariably produce a program with a unique and interesting musical flavour


Molong resident, Jeff presents his BLUES WITH A FEELING show Monday night from 7-9pm. Jeff brings an extensive library, knowledge and a love of Blues music going back to his youth as a collector.  Jeff is a well experienced presenter from his first program airing in 1999 from the Barossa Valley and the Central West from Orange in 2014. He has since found a new groove at Binjang 91.5 featuring 2 regular segments each week with a;

  • Guest Segment featuring a particular solo artist or Band(that he would like to believe are sitting in the studio next to him) and a

  • History Segment with a collection of music recorded between the mid-1920s and late 1940s to early 50s.


Mark Griggs is the president of the Binjang Management committee, and brings his journalism background to presenting with Binjang. Mark's incessant highly entertaining banter cannot be missed on most outdoor broadcasts as well as on Breakfast Monday and Friday.


Mark hails from Sydney but discovered the better life in Wellington moving here in 2005 and managing the library for 9 joyful years. He is an avid music fan with a home snowed under by a huge CD collection. Eshewing the digital age he does not possess a mobile phone or ipad (living the quiet life off the grid) but don't dare call him a Luddite. He is after all, a learned man. Mark loves swimming and yoga and his relaxed state and stress free tones helps to soothe listeners through their day


Jack is a multi-talented individual who presents afternoon shows.


Jack is a multi-talented individual who presents afternoon shows. Jack appears when his school comittments permit


Tony is the resident newsreader and can be heard at the bottom of the hour with the latest local news and weather updates


Berryl-Anne is a long time presenter and graces the waves every Wednesday from 4.00pm to 6.00pm playing the ever popular sounds from the 60s to now " More Great Music, Your Music" program.


Doctor Mike can be heard regularly on the incisive report segment interviewing local characters about all sorts of subjects including life stories, upcoming events, history and everything in between. Mike also hosts fresh and enlightening programs on Thursdays and often fills in when regular presenters are away.  When there's an election on or an Australia Day ceremony, Mike is usually there commentating on the event.


Matt, the man with the deep golden voice can be heard regularly most days, particularly at night and on various productions promoting Binjang 91.5.


Geoff Produces and presents the Stock Report most weeks of the year with detailed information about market trends and all the latest prices being achieved at the saleyards around the Central West


Ross is a very able Stock Report presenter, filling in for Geoff when is is away


Jim is a former airline pilot working many years for Hazelton Airlines, now retired as a cow cockey out at Bodangora.  He especially enjoys his program on Sunday sifting through community information and events and everything that is happening around the traps.  His faithful dog can always be found waiting for him outside the studio greeting passers-by, making their way to the Visitors Information Centre next door.


Angela has had a lot of experience with community radio at Orange in the past and has found a new home with us. Listen in for her smooth and soothing voice from midday on Fridays.  Rose by her middle name, a rose she is.


Dan is a dedicated police officer with Orana Local Command at Dubbo who has risen to the high rank of Inspector. Originally from Newcastle, Dan is our go to person when it comes to information relating to emergency situations or community interaction or communication and can be heard on Thursday mornings with his Police Report in interviews with Presenter Mark Griggs


Phil is well known around town for his work in the logistics industry. When on air he always looks for edge when presenting his programme.  One can tell from his mug shot that there is something special going on there. Ol'e.

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